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As any fan knows, there is very little press on Adam Storke. Even in the articles churned out by hyperactive sci-fi mags during Prey's heydey, he was never paid much singular attention. So, with the generous help of some members of the OoS Mailing List, we've been able to compile some fan-submitted reviews, plus a few articles you've never seen! Enjoy!

Sally is kind enough to provide us with some Grade-A commentary on Prey, which has branched out to include some of Adam's other work! You'll love this lady's way of tellin' it like it is...

Prey 1--Existence
Prey 2--Discovery
Prey 3--Pursuit
Prey 4--Origins
Prey 5--Revelations
Prey 6--Infiltration
Prey 7--Transformations
Prey 8--Veil
Prey 9--Collaboration
A Gathering of Old Men
Escape From Terror

....and I'm still working on compiling more articles. If you have any reviews of Adam's work, personal or in the media, feel free to Send them along!

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