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Another one to catch up on.

I think the title of Discovery to this episode was not so much that Sloan found out about the new species, because she did that in episode one, more that the discovery was announced to the whole world, and so the battle lines were drawn and fighting commenced. I think this is also very much of a Lynch episode, with the trust and relationship between Sloan and Tom only slightly expanded on, until just at the very end when Tom takes Sloan completely into his confidence.

The first thing we see is Sloan creeping around outside Tom's house in the dark. She has followed him back to find out more about him, but it doesn't look like he is still there. All she can see is a strange looking pallet in an empty room, which looked amazingly like a giant candle food warmer to me, but then what do I know! She then feels a hand on her shoulder and it is Tom, looking none too pleased to see her and asking her if she really wants to die?

They go into the house, and Tom tells Sloan to let go of her curiosity and questions about the new species as it will only lead to her death, even though he will not be the one to kill her. She tells him she cannot and needs to know more, but he insists he cannot help her any further and that he really does not want to see her killed. He is obviously very concerned for her.

Sloan then visits Lynch to see if he will answer some of her questions, but gets nowhere. When she gets back home Tom is there lounging in one of her armchairs, looking dead sexy. He knows she has been to see Lynch and tells her she should not have as it pushes her further into danger, and he is worried about her. She says that there was no other way to have her questions answered as he will not help her, to which he replies very quietly that he is still there, isn't he? Oh yes!!! Through both of these encounters I felt that Tom was being drawn more and more into the realisation that he has strong and ever increasing feelings for Sloan, as he cannot seem to just warn her of the trouble she is inviting and walk away.

Sloan then goes off to see Ray with a list of the other members of the new species she and Ed have discovered, whilst Attwood visits Lynch in prison. Sloan and Ray try to follow up the names on the list, but only succeed in finding another 'candle warmer' in an empty apartment, a cremated body which has been collected by 'relatives' and an empty grave in a military graveyard. Meanwhile Tom is watching them from a distance (a true peeping Tom!)

Ray gets called back to the prison, taking Sloan with him, and they find that Attwood has got Lynch wired up to all sorts of test equipment. The tests show that the new species EEG is more than three times normal, which makes Sloan think they may even possess ESP abilities. Lynch escapes and is not found even though he was fitted with a homing device implant, which he ripped out of his own arm.

Ray places Ed and Sloan under police protection, which shakes Ed up quite a bit, but Sloan is still determined to carry on. She decides to visit University Hospital to talk to a specialist there about the EEG results and see if her theory of ESP abilities is correct. Whilst entering by the back stairwell of the hospital, her police protector is killed by Lynch, who then turns on her to kill her. Our hero Tom bursts through the roof fire exit door and fights with Lynch on the stairs, and saves Sloan. Although in the process Lynch gets away again and Tom is captured by the police.

The police are in force at the hospital now, and Tom is restrained. It is not until Sloan assures Ray that Tom actually saved her life and she is not afraid of him anymore, that Ray waves Tom and his guardians across. The sight of Tom being submissively escorted across to Sloan was wonderful. To have that much control over such a gorgeous guy! THUD! Anyway back to the story - Ray tells Sloan that he cannot promise to protect her if he lets Tom go, but Tom says he will protect her instead. Not a knight in shining armour, but definitely one in a long black raincoat!! Some women have all the luck!

Sloan and Tom leave the scene, and whilst driving back hear Attwood announce on the radio that a new species has been discovered. Tom is livid and says that a terrible mistake has been made in making the announcement as the stakes have been raised and everything is made so much more dangerous. He tells Sloan that she does not realise what they are up against and when she pushes to know more takes her to a cave out of the city, where they find neatly stacked piles of glasses, shoes, and wallets. Sloan is horrified to see how many people must have been killed to ensure this grisly collection, and is finally beginning to understand the extent of the battle ahead.

A gripping episode, with plenty of action and some lovely Adam scenes. Oh by the way, the 'candle warmers' were beds according to Tom!! Not very comfortable and I bet the matresses smoked a bit!!

~~Sally Maddock~~

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