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I just finished watching Escape from Terror for the very first time and don't think I sat back in my seat from the time it started until the very end!!

From the first scenes of the film Paul Stamper was so handsome and charming, that it was no surprise that Teresa fell for him big time; but even before they married there were signs of his possessiveness and jealousy of any other man who so much as looked at her. He fired one of his employees and then took him straight back on again once he had cooled down, to then only fire him again later.

As the film progressed we saw his true character showing through. His instability and violent mood swings from loving husband to wife beater. Then when Teresa filed for a court injunction and divorce he became obsessive and continued to stalk her through a number of years before the police finally caught him and put him in prison with the help of the Unsolved Mysteries programme.

I thought Adam was amazing in this role, as there were so many facets to the character of Paul Stamper. Even though the character was very violent, nearly murdered one man and scared his wife half to death with his continual stalking after the divorce, Adam still played the part with enough sensitivity to make me feel some compassion for Paul and think he was someone who needed help, not to just be locked away and forgotten about.

There was such a range of emotions that Adam took us through from adoration and love for his wife, to violent anger, to remorse, repentence and tears, and then back to evil obsession and disdain. I think very few actors can successfully cope with that sort of range without it looking false somewhere along the line, but Adam made me believe every second on screen and I remained completely absorbed in the character until the final titles.

I can tell you I was worn out by the time I got to the end!!

Well done Adam! Excellent work and I am looking forward to seeing more soon.

~~Sally Maddock~~

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