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So ....... I have just finished sitting down and watching episode one again so that I can write this little preamble about the wonders of Adam - as if you lot didn't know already!!

First episodes are always difficult I think, because you have to set the scene, introduce the characters and still grab the audiences interest enough to make them come back for episode two. I think Prey did all of this in the first episode, although there was definitely not enough Adam for my liking - but then I am just plain greedy and Adam obsessed. I admit it!!

Lynch has been caught by the police and the very first we see of FBI Agent Tom is when Sloan arrives at work (late!) to meet up with her boss and prepare her for her court appearance as an expert witness at Lynch's trial later that day.

In rushes Sloan to be met by this vision of a man in a blue suit, and the most wonderful blue eyes. Even from the very first second there is a rapport between these two, with Ann Coulter completely unaware of the electricity between them. Tom opens the door for Sloan and whispers 'Excuse me,' while Sloan, speechless, walks through, glancing back to see if he really is as gorgeous as she first thought. Oh boy, is he!! Even as he leaves the lab Tom looks back at her and again their eyes meet. Man, that suit looked good on him!!

He is wearing the suit again later when we see him at the lab after Dr Coulter's murder, and he saves Sloan from a set of gruelling questions from the police before sending her home with Ed. Also at the same time he takes Ann Coulter's computer files, thereby removing the evidence of the new species. Sloan is grateful for his help with the police and I think her interest is piqued even more by this quietly spoken and drop dead gorgeous man.

She contacts Tom at the FBI and they meet up for her to look at Ann's computer files, but all Lynch's records have disappeared. Tom is very relaxed and friendly and I loved the way Tom hinted that they should balance things up when he says he knows a lot about Sloan and she admits she knows very little about him. Some chat up line Tom! You can use that one on me anytime!

Then later Tom visits Sloan at her apartment on the pretext of asking her to continue with Dr Coulter's research, and leaves his scarf behind. I am SO sure he did that deliberately because he very carefully folded up his scarf and placed it on the arm of her sofa, then seemed to just throw his coat on top of it, not even watching where it fell. Then when Ed arrived he very casually picked up his coat without drawing any attention to the scarf underneath.

Attwood puts a spanner in the works when they get back to the lab, and tells Sloan not to trust Tom (I never did like that man!!). So Sloan goes to the FBI again, but this time meets the real Tom Daniels and realises she has been duped. Now, I have one question here. If this was all a deep cover for Tom and he was not the real Tom Daniels, what was Tom's real name? Also why did everyone from the new species still call him Tom later in the series, even Lewis and his mother? I know Tom explains later that he is a chameleon and is therefore supposed to absorb identities, but I got the impression that he had done this with several other identities up to now and that Tom Daniels was just the latest.

Anyway Sloan then tests Tom's hair from the scarf and discovers he is a 1.6 er like Lynch. This is followed by the chase through the car park, university and onto the bus. Although I am sure that Tom did not mean to harm her as he could have quite easily caught up with her if he had wanted to. Sloan then goes to Ray and tells him the whole story, and he offers her an escort home with a couple of policemen to check her apartment. Couple!! I counted six AND they were blind because they did not see Tom hiding in her closet. Now that's a nice thought! I must go and check mine before I go to bed tonight - I might get lucky!

Tom then grabs Sloan, seemingly not noticing that she is half undressed, and we see his internal struggle surface as to whether to kill her or not. I loved the way Adam played this scene, as we could see Tom's battle between what he had been instructed to do and what he wanted. I think he already felt something for Sloan at that stage. He denied letting her find out what he was, but was finally completely lost when he wiped away her single tear, whilst uttering a wonderful groan, THUD! He decides he cannot kill her and that he has taken that first important step away from his own species. He agrees that he will fight and as we know later, he does it with so much style!

As I said Adam is not in this episode enough, but what there was, was adorable!

I loved the suit, but much prefererred the casual wear and t-shirts later. So much more of that wonderful body to see!

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