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Well .......... watched this episode last night and am STILL recovering!!

I think this is one of my top episodes of Prey, although all of them are great, but there is so much Adam in this and he is beautiful all the way through. (Especially the last quarter of an hour!!)

It starts with the trip to Mexico to find the village where Tom was brought up. I just love the way he is completely thrown by all the conflicting images and feelings he has whilst he is there, and how Ed is made to realise that he really does not stand a snowflake's chance in hell with Sloan now that Tom is around! She is so obviously attracted to him - but then who wouldn't be? Not any of us lot for a start!!

They are discovered and have to leave quickly, leaving Tom behind. Then when Sloan gets back home to find that Tom has put a new version of a 'takeaway' in her refrigerator, it was quite a shock for her. I must admit I could not help but smile at that. I was so glad he came back so quickly though, because I was missing him already! This is the third time I have watched this episode and I actually caught the line this time when he tells Sloan he is starting to feel all sorts of emotions, amongst which are affection. He says this very quietly whilst looking her straight in the eyes. Oh THUD!!

Then it is off to discover more of his past at the burnt out shell of the home where he lived with his mother, only to meet her again whilst poking around the ashes. He seemed so much like the lost boy at that point as he talks to his mother and trys to explain and understand himself what he is feeling. I shared his shock when his mother suddenly gave him a passionate kiss, and to then find he had been tricked and drugged.

Then THE scene!!! It was at this point that even though it was now 2.15 in the morning, and all I was wearing was a thin dressing gown AND the heating in my house had been off for hours, that I suddenly came over very hot! Tom waking to find himself tied up in the basement was wonderful. There he was helpless and semi naked, with the sweat glistening slightly on his naked chest. Oh!! No wonder his mother could not keep her hands off him!! Did you notice that!! Considering she was not supposed to have any emotions at all, she certainly showed a few!! She stroked his arms, his shoulders and even his chest at one point!! I had to keep reminding myself to breathe through this scene, and although I never thought of myself as being very much into bondage, I think Adam could very easily lead me astray!! All I can say is that Adam looks after himself VERY well......... Wow!

Anyway back to the plot , just as he is about to be killed, Ray and Sloan arrive and make enough of a distraction to save him, even though Ray gets shot in the process. I thought the fear on Sloan's face as she races to go down the steps to the basement to find out whether Tom is alive was great, and wonder what exactly his mother was sensing from her when she asked Sloan why she cared so much? Did she mean care about the whole dominant species thing or about her growing feelings for Tom himself? She does tell her not to get too attached, so I think it was for Tom himself.

Then when Sloan gets down into the cellar and frees him, and for him to fall onto her for support. I wanted to be there! I wanted to be that support! To have that body so close and so bare!! Breathe! Breathe! The relief from both of them was really intense and then just as I thought Tom was going to kiss her he decided to turn and show her his tattoo. What were you thinking of Tom!! I could practically feel those lips already, then he pulled away. Drat!

A great episode! And I must admit it took me a while to get back to sleep at 2.30. My mind just kept turning over and over.

I am sorry, I know Ray, Attwood and Ed were in the episode as well, but they just filled the gaps between the shots of Adam as far as I was concerned. This one was definitely worth getting up in the middle of the night for! Can't wait for next week and will be setting my alarm clock again for 1.10 in the morning!

Loved it!!

Have fun this Sunday all of you in America, and just keep the ice buckets handy while you are watching. You will need them, even if like me you have seen it before!! And for first timers it is a necessity!! I am warning you....

~~Sally Maddock~~

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