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Another hot episode Adam wise I believe!

After all, the very first scene we see is Tom in Sloane's bed recovering from his ordeal in the basement. He is sleeping and she is watching over him, then just as she turns to walk away he stirs and asks her not to go. Apparently he has slept for nearly a whole day and still feels sore. (Now we all know how we would have liked to help out there, don't we??!!) Didn't your heart just flip when he thanks her for saving his life and tells her that he will never forget looking up to see here there 'in that place', then reaches up to gently touch her face. One of those too few tender moments.

She notices he has been sweating and suggests he changes his shirt, helping him off with the damp one he has on. Any excuse to get his clothes off! Good one Sloan!! You know she may not be as innocent as she looks!! Then just as things are getting interesting and we begin to see MORE of Tom, Ed telephones to tell her about the pillar at the warehouse.

Now how many of you like me, were looking straight over Sloan's shoulder as she answered the telephone, watching Tom getting out of bed, to scream with frustration when the shot suddenly changed to one of Ed on the other end of the telephone in the warehouse. By the time we flipped back to Sloan's apartment Tom was up and dressed!! Damn, damn, damn!!

So off to the warehouse we go, to find that Attwood has managed to have the pillar transported from Mexico. I thought Tom looked dead sexy in those black pants and sweater. Everything fitted so well!! The pants were tight and the sweater just showed enough to make you realise he has been working out in the gym. THUD!

I must admit I had an initial scare when Attwood makes it obvious he knows who and what Tom is. Sloan leaps to Tom's defence. Attwood concedes he may be one of the good guys and there seems to be an uneasy alliance formed. I liked the interaction between Tom and Sloane in this scene, which shows their relationship has now got to the stage where words are not always needed for them to communicate. Especially the way that Tom half shrugs at Sloane after shaking Attwoods hand, as if to say I don't really trust him, but I'll go along with it for now.

Sloan goes off with Ray to interview possible immigrants from the area where the pillar was found, whilst Ed and Tom try to decypher the symbols on the pillar. I know at one stage later Ed comments to Sloan that he thinks he is bonding, and when she asks if that is with Tom, he replies no with the pillar. But in actual fact the two of them did get closer in this episode. The barriers seemed to drop when they stopped for a food break, and Ed asks Tom's intentions towards Sloan as he can see there is an obvious strong attraction and understanding between them. When Tom tells Ed he would never hurt Sloan, Ed seems to relax a little and accept Tom more as a friend.

They are getting nowhere with their investigations of the pillar and Attwood suggests using an experimental drug on Tom, which he agrees to, much to Sloans dismay. Things go horribly wrong and Tom collapses, seemingly dead. Sloan, once again not wishing to miss an opportunity (you know the more I think about it, the more I like the way her mind works!!), gives Tom mouth to mouth resuscitation while Ed gives him heart massage. I never thought saving someones life could be so erotic!! I think I stopped breathing, as well as Tom!

Tom recovers, and all they have really gained is the knowledge that he seems to have been drawn to one portion of the pillar. They call that section of the star chart up on the computer screen, and Sloan suddenly has another brain wave. She quickly turns and tells Tom to take his sweater off! (She does not miss a trick you know! A girl after my own heart!!!) They compare his tattoo with the star chart (very nice back - yum!) and discover Kewleys comet passes through the constellation giving them a date in the future, when something but they don't know what, is due to happen.

Tom senses intruders outside and after a certain amount of gunplay they escape from the warehouse, blowing it up behind them in the process, destroying the computer files, the pillar and the gunmen. All they have achieved is the date October 1998 and more questions than answers.

Can't wait for next week!!!

~~Sally Maddock~~

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