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I know this was an episode where we found out that Kelly had somehow changed to a 1.3% differential, and then just before the end titles she died from some unknown cause. But for me the scenes I really lived for were all those with Tom and I could not wait to leave Ed and Kelly to their card games, pizzas and DNA tests to get back to Tom!

Didn't he just look great in the grey t-shirt, black polo shirt and pants in that first scene when they were in the lab interrogating Lisa? Whilst he and Sloan were discussing the merits of using drugs to try and break down Lisa's resistance, I was busy eyeing up those pants! Me - I had absolutely no resistance at all!! Tom seemed much more relaxed around Sloan, and I loved the casual way he was talking whilst standing hands in pockets, and completely at ease with her. When they both went in to talk to Lisa to try to convince her to talk, they seemed so together which was probably why Lisa was prompted to ask Tom disdainfully whether it was good with Sloan. Oh the pictures that conjured up!! Tom and Sloan just looked at each other meaningfully and left the room.

Then limo lady turned up to take Lisa away. I really did feel a shiver run down my spine when she told Tom that she knew ALL about him! If there was one really frightening character in Prey I think it was her, because she seemed to have the power to do anything she wanted and I never knew where she was coming from, or what her real agenda was.

Tom suggested he and Sloan follow the cars taking Lisa away, and when suddenly a shot rang out, the cars screeched to a halt and Lisa made a break for it, Tom went to see what was happening telling Sloan to stay safely in the car. I noticed when Tom told Sloan to stay in the car just how long Adam's fingers are and what really nice hands he has. They are really expressive and he uses them well. In the middle of all the commotion Lewis slipped into the back of Sloan's car and kidnapped her, much to Tom's horror as he chased the disappearing car down the street.

Back at the lab Tom paced in his worry over Sloan, and felt really guilty at leaving her alone in the car. Limo lady got a shock when her well prepared plan of letting Lisa escape to trace her back to Lewis backfired and her man got killed just outside Lewis' house. Tom and Attwood then went to find Ray, and then Tom and Ray teamed up to try to find out where Sloan was.

I enjoyed Lewis' description of Tom when he was questioning Lisa at the house as to how much she had told them at the lab. When she said nothing Lewis didn't believe her as he said that Tom was 'a ferocious interrogator' and 'has remarkable intuition'. He made Tom sound so dangerous, which in strange sort of way makes him so much more appealing and only adds to his attractiveness. I think Tom is such a mixture of dark and light.

Back in the house we saw Sloan bound and gagged, and after removing the gag Lewis questioned her and asked her about Tom. He asked if she was in love with him. Even though she said nothing he could sense her response and said, 'You are aren't you!' He said he knew how special Tom was - and I can certainly agree with that!! And then asked what did she love the most - his intelligence, his courage - his gorgeous blue eyes, his wonderful body, his way of looking direct into your eyes when he speaks, his warm, sexy voice. Oh sorry that last lot was me! Got carried away there. Lewis even asked if they had become intimate, and then answered himself saying no of course not. Oh I tell you. If every wish could be answered .............. THUD! My wish that is!

Anyway Limo lady's man was found dead outside the house and Ray, Attwood and Tom arrived. Lewis called Tom in, unarmed, and even knowing he was probably walking into a trap Tom went in to try and save Sloan. What a guy! Tom's first words were to ask where Sloan was, before Lisa knocked him to the floor to frisk him for any weapons. He looked good on that floor and as for frisking him for any weapons please don't ask me to even think about that!! Phew!! It's hot here!! I thought it was great the way Tom just slapped Lisa's hands away as she went to help him up before they took him through to see Sloan.

Lisa cut Sloan free and Tom rushed to hold her and they hugged each other really close for a while. Lewis seemed disappointed and asked Tom what had happened to him, but Tom told him he was now a realist and believed they could co-exist. Lewis told him that should be a comfort to him in their last moments together and went to shoot them both, but instead shot Lisa. Then as he told them to lie face down, escaped away from the house without harming either of them. Those were pretty intense moments in that room between Tom and Sloan, and even though I was left wanting more, emotions were high between them.

The scene later of Tom and Sloan in the bar was really good. Sloan was obviously still shaken by what had happened and Tom was comforting and caring. He held her hand to stop her shaking and then seemed really disturbed when she leant to kiss his hand, emotions fighting to be revealed beneath that cool exterior. He was so lovable in that scene and so obviously concerned for her. I would not have stopped at his hand!!

Then we saw Lewis being interviewed on the television, pointing the finger at Tom and Sloan for the murder of Lisa and many more. Attwood caught them quickly back at Sloan's apartment before they had to flee the police who arrived just behind them. We saw them the next day on a busy street, but they were still recognised by the police and after a chase into a deserted warehouse they managed to hide in an old safe. I know it was a big safe, but I bet it was dead cosy in there! Some people have all the luck!!

The last we saw of them this episode was evening time and they were still running. Sloan looked exhausted and again Tom held her hand to comfort her - he seemed to have got into the habit now. I loved the way he said welcome to my world Sloan. Life on the run with Tom? Yep I would take that any day!!

~~Sally Maddock~~

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