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I liked this one. Things are starting to pick up speed and of course we meet Lewis!!

I started watching Prey on the advice of a friend who said it was a series I would probably enjoy - and they were right!! Then I really fell for Adam and could not stop watching it! To then find that James Morrison was in it as well as Lewis was a lovely surprise, as I always loved him as McQueen in Space Above and Beyond. But I must admit my focus stayed very firmly on Adam, and poor James got pushed to the background. Sorry James, but Adam is just ............... too gorgeous for words. THUD!

First thing we see is the bar Joppys being blown up after Lisa has picked up the unsuspecting Roger Young, and left him looking after her handbag. Dangerous things those handbags!! Lucky for him someone telephones and whilst taking the call he sees Lisa leaving, follows her out and avoids the worst of the blast.

Back at Sloan's apartment she is once again wandering around in her underwear first thing in the morning. The outer door buzzes and it is Tom, so she lets him into the building only having time to quickly pull on her gown. Tom gets to her door before she has time to tie it up and I think he gives her a lovely up and down look as he comes in. He may not be human but he certainly has some very human reactions judging by the appreciative look in his eye!! I thought it was lovely the way she says she is running late and apologises for how she looks, to which Tom replies that she looks great. Down boy!! Down!! She certainly seemed to like the attention and the reaction she got from him!

Whilst she is getting dressed they hear a news broadcast about the explosion at Joppys and as soon as the fact is mentioned that there is still a very strong smell of benzine at the site, Tom realises that the new species were responsible, using an explosive that has not even been discovered yet.

Sloan and Tom go to the site of the explosion, using Tom's cover as an FBI agent and confirm it definitely was the work of the new species. Sloan sees a tramp hanging around outside and manages to get him to tell her that he saw a red sports car drive off after the explosion and gives her a partial plate number. Ray checks the plate and comes up with the name Roger Young, although he has gone missing.

Ed uses his 'extensive' scientific skills to hack into the telephone company records and they trace Roger to a motel. Tom and Sloane go to find him and only just manage to rescue him from an attempt to shoot him by Lisa. Did you notice the little dialogue between Tom and Sloan as they are going up to Roger's room? Tom tells Sloan that Roger is booked in room 209, and when Sloan asks if he is actually in there he gives her a quick look. She then remembers and says that of course he will be able to sense that himself when they get there, and he gives her one of those rare quick smiles in acknowledgement. Lucky girl!

They take Roger back to the lab and he tells them that he remembers seeing Lisa get into a car with a man just before the explosion. Tom reacts to this, and later back at Sloan's apartment he tells her that he believes this man is Lewis, both his and Lisa's mentor and that he is a very dangerous man who they should try to capture. Tom suggests they use Roger as bait and they manage to talk Roger into attending a press announcement at the bar to flush him out. The plan is that Tom will be able to sense another of the species in the crowd, but as it turns out he is unable to, his sense being very blurred and Roger is shot dead.

Ed is suspicious of Tom again, because he allowed Roger to be killed. But Sloan comes up with the theory of masking, which Tom thinks may be possible even though he has never done it himself. When Ed and Sloane are alone at Sloan's apartment later, Ed again questions Tom's loyalty and even suggests that there may be something between Tom and Lisa. I thought Sloan was very angry at this suggestion for two reasons. One because Ed was questioning Tom's loyalty after all he had already done for them, and second because she was probably dismayed at the thought of Tom having a close relationship with another woman. I think she came another step closer to realising just how much she really likes Tom and how important he has become to her.

A little later Tom and Sloan are at Sloan's apartment discussing how to try and find Lewis. They manage to work out by deduction that he would have rented a large house in a cash deal, and eventually find it by ringing around. They stake the place out and see Lewis and Lisa enter the house. As night falls Lisa leaves, and Tom decides to go in to confront Lewis. Lewis says he knows Tom has been on the hill for the last hour because Tom has not been able to mask himself and asks Tom what it feels like to betray him. Tom tells him that it does not feel like betrayal, and when Lewis asks if Sloan is worth it he gives a very definite yes to which Lewis replies, 'Interesting'. I wondered if he was reading Tom at this point and seeing the feelings that Tom had, which made him say this. His protege has been turned against him by his feelings for a human woman. Now isn't that romantic or what?? I thought it was.

Lisa returns and Sloan races to the house in a panic to warn Tom. Lisa distracts Tom enough to allow Lewis to get away, and then Sloan grabs the gun to capture Lisa. Tom nearly strangles Lisa but Sloan stops him, and he tells Lisa that he is no longer a killer like she is. They may not have Lewis, but at least they have got Lisa.

Other, non Tom things that happened in this episode included Ray losing his job with the police and being taken on by Attwood as one of the team, and Ed taking Kelly, one of the girls from the cave, under his wing when he gets called out to stop her jumping off a roof. He takes her back home and looks after her, but notices that she seems to be getting more and more unstable instead of feeling better.

More Tom and Lewis next episode - a magic combination!!

~~Sally Maddock~~

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