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When I decided to start a website dedicated to the lovely and talented Mr. Storke, I was overwhelmed by just how many fans he had, and how formidable a task was on my hands. But more than that, I was determined to make the site good. So this is the section of the Shrine where that specialness just comes shining through.

The Vault is special because it is by the fans, of the fans, for the fans. Writings, I mean, feedback of various types: reviews, humor, essays, fan fiction (maybe eventually...). Just so you can look at the SOAS and tell it's not just a thrown-together collection of rumors and a few random images engineered by some hack with a few extra minutes (wait a minute, I resemble that remark...scratch that last bit!). So far we're lucky not to have any of those aforementioned sites floating around about Adam Storke, but you've no doubt seen what internet fan sites can become. Adam Storke has some talented admirers, and thank goodness they have something to say, otherwise this section would be empty...!

Okay fine. So right now it's STILL just my stuff. but I am always and ACTIVELY soliciting REVIEWS, HUMOR, INSIGHTS, and COMMENTARY...even FAN FICTION dedicated to Adam Storke and any of his affiliated projects! E-mail it here if you want to see it below! ^_^ Enjoy!

We have a theory that Adam Storke clones are popping up all over the United States...
The Great Doppelganger Hunt

Any resemblance to actual Top Ten Lists is purely coincidental...I think...
SOAS Top Ten Lists

I really have no idea what's going on, do I?
'Prey' Makes My Head Hurt

Let's change a few things, shall we?
Alternate Ideas For 'Prey's Finale

Rent it, watch it, mull over it yourself...
The DIABOLIK Comparison

I don't normally do FILK, but this one seemed so obvious...
A Song Parody: 'The Prey'

Some awesome stuff here...
The Prey Poetry Page

Comprehensive Prey Fan Fiction--plus links to more! (you simply MUST check out the 'Top Ten Reasons to Watch Prey')
Tory's Prey

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