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'THE PREY' song parody

to the tune of Fastball's 'The Way'

They made up their minds,
And soon it was cancelled,
We hardly knew the plot line anyway,
We hate the cruel way that the end was handled,
Just what were they thinking when ABC cancelled the Prey?

We tuned in to watch,
But nothing was showing,
It seems 'Push' had more important things to say,
And though we griped and bitched we all left knowing,
We had to expect that someday they would cancel the Prey.

Anyone can see the whole deal with Tom was a story untold,
Ed's paranoid and Attwood's too old,
Sloan isn't too bad, and then there's the cop named Ray...
You can see the network executives just don't care
In fact all they cared about was Sloan's hair,
Just maybe 2 more weeks,
I'll still wait until Thursday, Thursday....

The big finale left us kind of enraged,
Is ANY show supposed to end that way?!?
So WHY was Tom shirtless inside of a cage?
I guess that's what we get for letting them cancel the Prey.


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