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Does 'Prey' parallel the 1968 film 'Diabolik??'

According to myself and Priestess Ashkta, YES! Admittedly, we first saw Diabolik in the final episode of MST3K. I had also seen elements of the film in the Beastie Boys video for 'Body Movin', but that's another obsession altogether. Anyway, you're asking us to prove our case. **clears throat loudly** Consider if you will:

PREY-Tom Daniels (played by Adam Storke), alienated, brooding, slender young killing machine. (A.K.A.--Member of the New Species)
DIABOLIK-The eponymous Diabolik (played by John Phillip Law), alienated, brooding, slender young killing machine (A.K.A.--A crappy 007 ripoff)

PREY-'The love interest'...Sloan Parker. Bioanthropoligist. Her hair changes in every scene.
DIABOLIK-'The love interest'...Eva. Professional sex kitten. Her outfit changes in every cutaway.

PREY--Takes place in the future, but you're often sitting there completely oblivious to that fact.
DIABOLIK-Didn't find out until it was over that it was supposed to be set in the future.

PREY-Creepy overpowering score.
DIABOLIK-Some Italian songbird is screaming in the background for most of the movie.

PREY-The new species is breeding underground hwere no one can find them.
DIABOLIK-Diabolik has an underground lair the size of Belgium. He sort of breeds when he does the deed with Eva on a pile of money...for FIFTEEN MINUTES OF THE MOVIE...*grumble*

PREY-In the last episode, Tom is stuck in a cage in an undisclosed location.
DIABOLIK-At the end of the movie, Diabolik is trapped in gold. All but his eyes...and eyebrows. Yeah, I know, go figure.

PREY-Arch-nemesis, Lewis.
DIABOLIK-Arch-nemesis, Inspector Ginko.

EYEBROWS! John Phillip Law has eyebrow action that could easily rival that of our beloved Tom Daniels....well, maybe not *that* good, but it's some major eyebrow action.

There is a scene in a morgue where Eva is looking at Diabolik's supposedly 'dead' body. God help me, but it looks exactly like the morgue scene from Prey. Then Diabolik turns out to not be dead. Hmmm.....

More to come a soon as I can get my hands on a copy of either the movie itself or the MST3K episode (Ashkta has it on tape, but I ask her if I can borrow it and she gives me some "I don't know if I can find it..." whine-fest. She said the same thing about a slash story I wrote and gave to her. Why do I let her do this to me? Jeez, she has me wrapped around her finger...)

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