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Learn about the Order of Storke Mailing List! Who is Adam Storke? Bio, Filmography, and More! For all your multimedia needs! The Vault--because you need to read something today Anything can happen in the Parlor Check out ASTV for this month! Continue your search for Adam here Credits where Credit is due
Greetings and welcome to the Shrine of Adam Storke, the place members of the Order of Storke Mailing List call home. The Shrine is dedicated to our continued admiration for the star of TV's Prey, The Stand, Rough Riders and much more. New to the Shrine? Don't know where to begin? Well, start at the Information Desk, where you'll find Adam's biography, filmography, articles, even an astrological profile! From there you can move on to the Gallery, jam-packed with the most extensive collection of Adam Storke multimedia: pictures, desktop themes, and the Shrine's exclusive .wav collection. Feel free to load up on the good stuff before you make your way to the Vault, where the Shrine keeps its fan writings, reviews, and original humor--all fan written, all the time! This should leave you winded, so prop your feet up in the Parlor, where Priestess Rain is likely to offer you a Tom Daniels Clone amid updates on list happenings, chats, and past discussions. Still feeling adventurous? Try some Links, or consult the friendly staff at the ASTV Office for Adam's monthly TV schedule. Before you bid us farewell, make sure you check out the Credits section, where you'll find out just who was kind enough to help this site develop into its prime. Have fun, stay a while, a then by all means join the list!

A very important update coming soon...Last updated 18 February 2001!

Greetings all Storkies! The Priestess is back! Thanks to your unabashed support of the site and continued visits (for which I am eternally grateful), I have returned to the job of maintaining this site and all its wonderful amenities. I do have an announcement to make...very soon, an exciting change may take place at the SOAS. I am considering the task of switching the SOAS from Tripod to the auspices of my domain name at It's an update that's months in the making, but I trust you'll agree with me that it would be worth it! The transition may take a while, but please E-mail me (my e-mail is finally CORRECT again...) and let me know what you think of the possibility. The new address would be Yea? Nay? Feedback por favor! Until then, enjoy, as always!

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This is a fan-created, fan-administered site. There is nothing Official about this. The site's sole purpose is to honor and praise Adam Storke, and that is what it does. All images are the property of the respective owners, and all writings are property of their respective authors. I have no money, so it's pointless to sue me anyway.

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