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The Order of Storke Mailing List is not without its history, though said history may seem paltry and pathetic to anyone who was not present to witness it firsthand, as I realize most everyone was not. But, regardless, I must share the Odyessey with you all...

The Shrine of Adam Storke has gone through many facelifts. It began as a site thrown-together from various Photoshop banners and horrible graphics, packed onto an Angelfire site and managed with my 28.8 modem that only wanted to stay connected for thirty minutes at a time if I was lucky. Those were the good old days...very few people were visiting the site and even less people were offering feedback. But all I wanted to do was offer a comprehensive fansite dedicated to Adam Storke, one of which people would want to take advantage, so I kicked it up a notch (channeling a certain television chef). The graphics got better, the layout changed about three times before I moved to Tripod in November 1999. The layout was now a thousand times easier than what I had started with, my HTML skills had vastly improved, and I had a reliable modem. The results? The Shrine started to get noticed.

Noticing that things still begged to be kicked up a notch, I started the Order of Storke Mailing List on January 11th, 2000. I love mailing lists, and I've seen some top-notch communities develop from them, so I threw caution (and my time budget) to the wind and started up at Onelist. Membership is already gaining speed, and we're making connections and having a great time discussing our favorite topic: The Brooding One himself, Adam Storke!

Intrigued? Eager to join?

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