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.WAV Gallery

I know, I know...I promised everyone sounds from all thirteen 'Prey' episodes, 'The Stand', 'Tales From the Crypt', and all of Adam's other projects. And I really meant it, until interfering family members and sudden unexpected personal crises made things nigh impossible. Feel free to partake of these sound clips from Episodes 1 and 3, though...I'm sorry I don't have time for more, but these are still free for everyone's enjoyment!

Episode 1

tomintro.wav: "Tom Daniels, FBI." "I don't remember calling in the feds." "You didn't." (71.6 KB)

complicated.wav: "It's complicated. I mean, for me, it's complicated." (73.7 KB)

doingbest.wav: "We're doing the best we can." (45.2 KB)

drcoulter.wav: "I was thinking, uh, maybe we could talk about Dr. Coulter." (98.7 KB)

files.wav: "I shouldn't be letting you see Dr. Coulter's files. The classified material hasn't been removed yet." (125 KB)

goodthing.wav: "That's a good thing to have." (48.2 KB)

hi.wav: "Hi. I hope I'm not interrupting anything..." (84.8 KB)

holdyouup.wav: "Look, I don't want to hold you up." (34.9 KB)

knowyou.wav: "Actually I feel like I know you quite well." (39.1 KB)

knowyougap.wav: "Actually I feel like I know you quite well...maybe we'll get a chance to bridge the gap." (95.5 KB)

nicehome.wav: "You have a very nice home reflects your personality. Very warm." (136 KB)

okay.wav: "Is everything okay?" (32.2 KB)

onepointsix.wav: Computer Voice: "One point six percent." (47.0 KB)

pushedyou.wav: "I'm sorry if I've pushed you." (41.4 KB)

surprised.wav: "Why do you sound so surprised?." (54.9 KB)

taketime.wav: "Take your time." (32.2 KB)

Episode 2

apartment.wav: Sloan: "How, exactly, do you manage to keep getting in and out of my apartment?" (83 KB)

buryit.wav: "Bury it, or it'll get you killed....and I don't want to see that." (166 KB)

followed.wav: "You shouldn't have followed me." Sloan: "I had to." (55.2 KB)

givingall.wav: "I'm giving you all I can!" Sloan: "You're giving me nothing!" (71.9 KB)

leaveheralone.wav: "Leave her alone, Lynch!" Lynch: "It's none of your business, Daniels." "Yes it is!"(82.2 KB)

mistake.wav: "That would be a mistake." (31.9 KB)

protectyou.wav: Ray: "You know, if I let him go, I can't promise you that I can protect you." "I can." (220 KB)

stillhere.wav: "I'm still here, aren't I?" (46.3 KB)

upagainst.wav: "You just don't know what you're up against." Sloan: "Then tell me!" (88.5 KB)

wanttodie.wav: "Do you want to die?" (26.8 KB)

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