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High Priestess Rain
The Dignitary of the Last Thirteen Minutes, Shameless Two-Timer

Location: The Dreamscape...or, more accurately, Florida
Age: 18 (but don't hold that against me or anything!)
Fav. Adam role: Tom Daniels (*whimper*) followed closely by Larry Underwood.
I started this whole mess, so you can blame me for whatever happens as a result. All I know is that I've admired Adam since the first moment Ashkta made me watch 'Prey', and I've been dedicated founder of the Order ever since! Along with Scarlet Loser, I am co-founder of DHAK Productions, which will someday take over Hollywood in a whirlwind coup d'etat.

High Priestess Ashkta
(Meaning She-who-is-hopelessly-attracted-to-thin-blonde-men-who-are-somewhere-around-her-own-age)
Comber of the Imperial Eyebrows
Location: La-La Land
Age: 19 (working on 20)
Fav. Adam role: Tom Daniels (Ethereal "aaaahhhhhh" fills the room)
Hi. I'm the girl who doesn't say much...when I do, that's cool. I'm tired a lot and drink too much TEA (good stuff!!), but I love Prey and Adam Storke, well (in the voice of Mulan's Mushu) he's so pretty. Art student by "profession" -- sorry -- hope you don't mind. And I have a review's website at Emma's Domain. Stop in...I try to keep it updated, but that doesn't always work.

Karen, unmitigated Storkie/Bippy/Gizzy/Betty/Loon
Felco Girl, Notorious Collager
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Age: 25 (ouch!)
Fav. Adam role: Soooo many....Tom in PREY, Royce in HtoH
I am a Landscaper by profession, Notorious Collager and Transcriptionist Extraordinaire by desire. I have the dubious honor of having transcribed ALL the episodes of PREY, and have a web site to prove it! You wanna visit? And although I have no proof, I am the coiner of the appellation 'Storkie'.

Angela S. VonSchmittou
Scarlet Loser
Location: Dallas, TX, US, North America, Planet Earth (or so they say)
Age: 18 (but does it count that I only act like I'm 2, 12, 30, or 80?)
Fav. Adam role: Seeing as I'm the most ignorant Storkie there is, I think it's his role in HTH, though from reading stuff on the list, Tom seems damn cool.
"All I wanna do is dance."

Margaret Craney
Old Faithful One from Across the Ocean
Location: Belfast. Northern Ireland. UK
Age: (do i have to??? ok) 40.
Fav. Adam role: Tom. Larry Underwood.
Married 22yrs. 4 children. Also 1 cat, 1 rabbit and 1 Gerbil. Work: Hairdressing. I also appear to be drawn to shows that are cancelled. First "Alien Nation" then "Space Above and Beyond" and then "Prey". Strangly enough I liked 'Data' in "startrek" and the Android out of "Total Recall"(can't think of his name). Always liked the Android or Alien in shows Can't think of anything I would like more than to see new episodes of "Prey" being made. We live in hope.

Julie Satzik
Location: Chicago IL
Age: Two months shy of 35
Fav. Adam role: Tom, then Kane in 'Lifepod'
I have a BA and MA in History and work in the archives for the Archdiocese of Chicago. I seem to fall for programs that get cancelled far too soon (Prey, Space: Above and Beyond). I'm single (with no prospects). I started watching Prey for James Morrison but stayed for AS. I like music, reading (mysteries, non-fiction like history and bios), old TV, old movies, old radio, daydreaming, etc.

Lynnette AKA Lady Dream Time
High Priestess of the Devotees from Down Under
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Age: I don't believe in it!
Fav. Adam role: Haven't seen anything I didn't love him in...narrowing it down Tom Daniels (Prey) and Steven Crane (Rough Riders)

Craxycat, drcy, DangthisPC, dammitDarcy
Craxypriest the Corruptor
Location: WA state.........for now till Bama calls me home
Age: 23
Fav. Adam role: has always been Tom......*sniff*
Nothing much else to say... I am not a crazy as I seem. I am a loving soul with way to much time to kill. I choose to spend it with the people I have become close to at the crashdown. I am a second year RN student (no degree yet)...Love TV lost a lot of interest in it though when they ripped Prey from me...I don't usually watch that much now. I watch a few WB shows...which include Roswell, Charmed, and Popular which I only watch cause mary-cherry kills me everytime. I also took the time after a lot of begging from granny and watched The Pretender...I am glad that she did. Thats all I have right now..

Sally Maddock
High Priestess of the Reviews
Location: Swindon, England
Age: 44
Fav. Adam role: ALL that I have seen so far!! He does not miss hitting the mark on any of them!! I suppose if I had to choose Tom and Larry would be top of the list because they are the most recent. Then of course Adam just looked so drop dead gorgeous and sexy as Tom, so that would probably slide in as number one. (Don't go there!!)
I found Adam reasonably recently thanks to a friend telling me I must watch a fantastic series called Prey. I loved the series (cannot believed it got cancelled!!), and have been completely smitten by Adam. Since then I have been searching for information and copies of all his other work, and found that not only is he devastatingly good looking but also very talented. Just wish I could find out what he is doing now, or even discover he is coming across to England to do some work here! Any news would be good news. Still searching ..............


Location: Spokane, WA
Age: 26
Fav. Adam role: TOM, TOM, TOM oh, and Larry.
I love Prey, and also love the X-Files and Angel


Location: Washington, USA
Age: 19
Fav. Adam role: Tom!

Theresa Mueller *FireTiger1999*
The One....The Almighty....FireTiger

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota (right by downtown... I'm a city gal...)
Age: 19
Fav. Adam role: Larry Underwood (Love that New York accent!) from THE STAND and Royce from HIGHWAY TO HELL
I've been with the _Order Of Storke since about December (I think), and I've been an Adam Storke fan since I first saw THE STAND on TV! I love Stephen King's work (I read THE STAND before I even saw the movie), so that's how I first discovered Adam. I saw him and thought, "Wow, this guy is really hot. I wonder why I've never seen him in any other movies before?" He really is very talented, very handsome, and very. well. HE'S FINE!

Here's my web site if you want to check it out: I don't have my Adam Storke page up and running yet, but I'm in the process of creating it. I love heavy metal and rock music. in fact, I love music. Any kind of music is good. I love to dance, I play guitar and the harmonica, I sing, and I work at MARS Music, which happens to be a really fun job (better than Target, even)! My fav' bands are Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Machinehead, PM5K, Stone Temple Pilots, Static-X, Dope, Lords Of Acid, and Ozzy Osbourne, just to mention a few. but I do like to listen to Bob Seger, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and any other oldies when I'm in the mood (80's music rocks, too!)

So. visit my web site, drop me a line, and we'll talk "ADAM STORKE" until we ALL end up in a big "pool of drool"!

Fav. Quote: "It Can't Rain All the Time. Your Tears Won't Fall Forever."

Cheryl Wood (Naya)
Eternal Admirer of the Cleft

Location: Las Vegas
Age: 29
Fav. Adam role: Charlie (Mystic Pizza)

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