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The following is a guide to Adam Storke's numerous appearances in television, motion pictures, and the stage. Providing extensive and indispensible commentary is Cheri, 'The Editor', friend to Storkies everywhere...Hopefully this compendium will shine some light on Mr. Storke's low-profile career, and will provide fans with hours of enjoyment calling up video stores and asking "do you have...?"


PREY (series.....Tom Daniels)

Adam's star turn as the sly, sensitive, and very complicated Tom Daniels left most of us begging for more. Unfortunately, Prey, an engaging science-fiction series (with emphasis on the science--genetics, specifically) set in the not-too-distant future, was cancelled after only one season. An extensive campaign has since been formed in support of the show's return...more information can be found here.

ROUGH RIDERS (miniseries).....Stephen Crane

The organization and training of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and their part in the Spanish American war. Stephen Crane, author of Red Badge of Courage, is a war correspondant, played wonderfully by an enthusiastic Adam Storke.

A MOTHER'S GIFT (tv movie).....Ed Matthews

The Civil War and homesteading Nebraska are the background of the story about a love triangle. Ed is the odd man out. (also released under the title 'A Lantern in Her Hand')


What happens when you fall in love with and marry a handsome charmer, who turns out to be jealous, possessive and abusive?
THE STAND (miniseries).....Larry Underwood
What would happen if a biological warfare weapon were to be accidentally spread? And the age old basic battle between good and evil. Based on the reknowned novel by Stephen King. Interesting bit of trivia: Adam did not sing "Baby Can You Dig Your Man". He does, however, sing "Eve of Destruction".
ATTACK OF THE 5'2'' WOMEN (movie).....Juan Wayne Babbit
Comedienne Julie Brown's twisted look at the John Wayne Bobbitt case. Adam plays the unlucky husband and victim.

LIFEPOD (tv movie).....Kane

Survivors of a space disaster find out that one of the companions in their stranded lifepod is a saboteur.
PERRY MASON: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride (tv movie).....Gary Hawkes

DEATH BECOMES HER (movie).....Dakota

This farce is about the competition between old friends that goes to extraordinary lengths. Dakota is Madeline's boy toy.
IN MY DAUGHTER'S NAME (tv movie).....Peter Lipton
The story is about the rape and murder of a girl and how it effects her mother. Peter is the guilty party.
HIGHWAY TO HELL (movie).....Royce
This comedy/horror flick takes place in hell. Royce is a long hair biker, who almost looks like Jesus, but he sure doesn't act like him.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (tv movie).....Count Philippe de Chagny

TALES FROM THE CRYPT (series episode: "Surprise Party").....Ray

L.A. LAW (series episode: "New Kidney on the Block")


MIAMI VICE (series episode: "Leap of Faith").....Ray Mundy

Hot shot undercover cops investigate College Prof Baines and his designer drug, Bliss.

MYSTIC PIZZA (movie).....Charles Gordon Windsor III

This story revolves around the lives and loves of three waitress who work at the Mystic pizza restaurant. Charlie is a rich WASP who falls for one of the girls (played by Julia Roberts). (look for a young Matt Damon as Steamer, at the dinner table)

A SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP (tv movie).....Tom Gadsden

MURDER ON THE BAYOU (tv movie).....Gil Boutan

A film about racial and family tension in the South. The youngest son of the Boutan family is Gil, a football hero at LSU whose friends and team mates are black. (Note: for some reason his name is not in the credits.)
I'LL TAKE MANHATTEN (miniseries).....Justin Amberville
The lifestyles of a rich and famous publishing family, according to Judith Krantz. Justin is the globtrotting photog son of the family. He just happens to be gay. Evil uncle/daddy trys to use him to get control of the family empire. He fails big time.

TOO FAR TO GO (tv movie).....John Maple (age 15)

This is a story about a couple that get along but have fallen out of love with each other and both have been having affairs for years. They decide to get a divorce and are having trouble telling the children. The majority of the film is flash backs.

Talk Radio

Rimmers of Eldritch

Total Eclipse

White Rose of Memphis



Adam did, indeed, shoot the series pilot for the 1995 TV series Two, playing the character Gus MacClain. Unfortunately, his version was never shown--the truth is, the show was reshot with different actors. Hopefully this clears up some confusion...!

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