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The Adam Storke Birthday Card

The evolution of the Adam Storke Birthday Card was a rocky one, discussed at great length on the OoS mailing list, but at last we reached an awesome resolution, and here's what we plan on doing...feel free to join in on the birthday wishes to our favorite guy!!

The following missive comes from Sally, constant contributor to the list and to this site. She's such a doll for taking this upon herself...

Hi everyone,

A few of us thought it would be nice to wish Adam a Happy Birthday in some way for his 38th in August, and I am circulating everyone to offer you all the opportunity to contribute if you would like.

The idea is that everyone puts their own birthday wishes to Adam on a post it note (size 3 inches x 3 inches), send it to me and I will attach it to a giant card which I will then send to him via his agent in Hollywood. I have done this before with another actor and know that it was very well received and appreciated.

I believe the effect of a card which many have contributed towards carries more impact than a lot of smaller unconnected items, plus it is easier to keep and more likely to be forwarded on by his agent. I can also just imagine Adam's face when he opens the card to see all the different names and thoughts from fans who love and think of him!

If anyone is interested please get in touch with me off list and I will let you know my postal address to send your post its to. ( I can also get an idea of how many people want to contribute, and therefore what size card I am looking for!) (***you can e-mail Sally at!***)

Once the card is put together I will take photos of it, and email copies to everyone who has contributed so you can see the finished result.

I am aiming to get it completed by mid July, say July 22nd to get it to Propaganda in plenty of time for them to forward it on to Adam, so if you can get back to me as soon as you can if you do want to participate that will really help!

Boy is Adam going to love this!! It should be fun!

All right everyone! Get those birthday wishes rolling in!

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