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It's refreshing, in this day and age, to find a truly talented actor who values his privacy as much as Adam Storke. Despite his explosive potential for instant popularity, he has chosen to keep a low profile in the world of the media. Who could blame him, after all, with the public image the celebrity is expected to maintain? I respectfully offer the following information to shine a bit of light on this elusive character.


Adam Storke was born in New York City on August 18, 1962. Always impressing the fan community by being more than just a pretty face, Adam attended the Eugene O'Neill Institute of Theatre in New York, thereafter graduating from Union College in SCHENECTADY, New York. He was born and bred New Yorker, which definitely accounts for that delicious accent of his. Now he lives in Southern California, which may or may not be a case study in how fame is liable to tear one from one's roots.

Adam's mother is Angela Thornton, an actress who appeared in the film 'Six Degrees of Separation' (I guess it runs in the family...) Moreover adding to the star relations is his godfather, Robert Wagner, the prolific film star. Once upon a time, Adam was dating Natasha Gregson-Wagner (a hard-working performer who was excellent in 'Another Day in Paradise', but she was also in 'Modern Vampires' so there you go. A working actress, like any other...), but his current romantic life is not in the public eye.

Adam is a Leo...which explains his private tendencies despite an undeniable charisma and star power. The 'Secret Language of Birthdays' identifies August 18th as 'The Day of Endurance', and describes persons born on this day was Adaptable, Patient, and Deep. On the flipside, it also lists weaknesses as Struggling, Obsessive, and Combative (our Adam? No way!) He shares a birthday with Robert Redford, Roman Polanski, Casper Weinberger, Meriwether Lewis, and Antonio Salieri...!

According to all accounts, you can contact Adam care of (c/o):

Propoganda Managament
940 N. Mansfield Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

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